Daybeds are becoming more and more popular as an option in a guest bedroom or extra room. They are usually the size of a twin bed, and come in many different style options, including some that come with a trundle bed, which pulls out for extra sleeping space. These beds have many advantages over other options, some of which are detailed below.

Great in Small Spaces

Unlike futons or sleeper sofas, what you see is what you get. These handy beds do not require extra room when you want to use them as a bed. Sleepers and futons pull out and can take up a whole room, making it difficult to maneuver when they are set up. Sleeper sofas and futons also often have very uncomfortable mattresses, because they have to be flexible so that you can fold them up when not in use. While futons are sometimes more comfortable than sleepers, they still do not provide a good sleeping experience. The trundle versions pull out if you need extra sleeping space, which can be handy if you have more guests than you can handle.

Can Double as a Couch

While futons can double as a couch as well, daybeds are much more attractive. They are usually open on three sides, meaning they look just like an extra deep couch. Their padding is often incredibly comfortable, just like a real mattress. There are numerous styles, so finding one to match your decor should not be a problem.

Perfect Guest Bed

These make the perfect bed for a guest room, office, or spare room. The great thing is that unless they are being used as a bed, you would never think of it as such. Sleepers and futons are the same, but they require so much room and setup time. They are especially great in an office or sewing room because they take up almost no space. When it's bedtime there is no time wasted pulling out the couch or futon. Just take the extra cushions off and your guests are ready to go to sleep.

Superior Style and Beauty

Sleeper sofas and especially futons are known for not being the best looking furniture out there. Daybeds are often very visually appealing and come in almost any style or pattern you can think of. The frames are often brass or wood, and can be had in any color under the rainbow. There are modern versions, and others that have the appearance of antiques.

Overall, daybeds are a much better choice than futons or sleeper sofas. Often they are also a lot more affordable. Another great benefit with these beds is that they are a lot lighter than sleepers and futons, meaning they are easier to move if necessary. They also do not require as much assembly as futons do. You end up with a nice piece of furniture that can provide extra seating when you need it, and a bed for guests when they visit, all in one compact and beautiful package.

While the main purpose of a daybed is in fact for sleeping, it can also be used as a sofa or couch for both family and guests to sit on.

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I completely agree with you,some daybeds come with trundle too,meaning ,there is always extra bed space incase you have more guests.Daybeds are a cool comfortable place for reading,watching a movie or simply meditating.

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