After spending so much time and money choosing the right bedroom furniture, you need to follow a regular maintenance regimen that ensures your furniture remains clean and sparkling all the time. So here are some tips to keep your bedroom set sparkling throughout the year.

Dusting is very important. No matter if it is an exquisite set or an affordable one, you should dust it everyday to get rid of all its airborne deposits. Use a soft cloth for dusting furniture; if required, dampen it slightly. Feather dusters are however the best for dusting your furniture.

Wooden furniture maintenance tips

Never wash your wooden bedroom furniture with water or use those all purpose cleaning sprays on them. Any sticky stains on modern metal beds and bedroom sets should be meticulously cleaned using soap and water.

Just dip a soft cloth to detergent added water and wring till there isn't a drop of water in it. Gently wipe the sticky area with it and immediately follow with a wipe using a dry soft cloth. This helps get rid of any moisture on the furniture.

In case your wooden bedroom furniture has lots of grime, you can use a home wash to clean it. To make this homemade wash, mix equal parts of denatured alcohol, gum turpentine, olive oil and strained lemon juice.

Then dip a soft cloth in the mixture and apply to the dirty furniture, to follow with a wipe using a clean, dry cloth. This leaves you with your bedroom furniture looking like a king once again!

Wax for optimum shine

Waxing your bedroom furniture annually helps maintain its shine and sheen, gives your furniture a hard finish and helps it last longer than any other polish and spray. You can use either paste or liquid paste.

Paste wax lasts a few years while a liquid wax finish requires a more frequent application. However liquid was is much easier to apply. It is always better to apply wax in light coats and if you don't wax your furniture properly, it leads to streaks on your furniture. 

Annual maintenance check up

Carry out an annual maintenance check up for your bedroom furniture. Examine its screws, bolts and brackets and tighten them if they start loosening. Check and replace any broken pulls of drawers and chests. Don't forget to examine the headboard, legs and board of your bed, fix broken legs and glue all the loose boards. Check to see if any of your upholstered furniture requires reupholstering. 

Always use safe cleaning materials that don't have chemicals that may damage the furniture. Wipe spills off immediately to avoid the water from getting absorbed by the bedroom set. It's better dabbing a dry cloth on the spill instead of wiping as it helps prevent any stain spreading to the furniture. 

While these tips help with the cleaning and maintaining of most bedroom sets, some manufacturers have specific cleaning guidelines to follow for its furniture. It's always better to follow these guidelines as its manufacturer knows the best way to treat its furniture.

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